Business Management. The vision to transform your company. And your life.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Not the least of it is how to achieve predictable revenue. You might also wonder where your business will be in five, ten or fifteen years. Or what will happen to the business if something happens to you.

LandOpt business management solutions let you move forward with confidence because they depend on proven systems and processes – not you, the owner. They can help you transform your company into one that is true to its mission and capable of achieving sustainable, consistent growth.

It all starts with a financial plan. LandOpt Service Providers utilize proven metrics to establish predictable revenue and cost plans. Working with LandOpt Success Coaches and LandOpt benchmarks, they create a financial plan that will take them into the following year. And beyond.

Our best-in-class planning tools address financial planning and reporting, accounts receivable and accounts payable. They include:

  • Overall company and individual sales plans
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations gross profit plans
  • Operations burden rate plans
  • Equipment cost schedules

The planning model also utilizes management reports that help correct performance issues in a timely manner.